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Women's Ministry

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The mission of the HC Women’s Ministry is to promote spiritual growth and maturity in women, reflecting our belief in the authority of God’s Word and preeminence of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Our purpose is to equip women for…

Life, by providing opportunities for personal growth, believing that every women is valued as a role model of Biblical truth to her family, her work, her church, and her community.

Ministry, by engaging them in fruitful and fulfilling service to our Lord, believing that every woman is gifted by God and should have the opportunity to develop that gift.

And Missions by promoting all aspects of community service, and missionary outreach, encouraging all women to be involved in missions.

The above Mission Statement & Purpose are adopted from the National E-Free Women’s Ministry. We at HWC will strive to meet these by the following –

Life - providing for personal growth
…providing Bible Study opportunities & seminars targeted to the needs and growth of women
…providing fellowship opportunities which serve to encourage women involved in every day life & the building of friendships

Ministry - engaging them in fruitful & fulfilling service using their gifts
…providing opportunities to be involved in the planning and executing of events
…providing opportunities to minister to one another in the church body through meeting the practical needs of those in our church family
…encouraging women to seek their gifts and put them into use in our body.

Missions - engaging them in kingdom service to the world
…providing the following areas of missions opportunities –
…serving our community by providing baby showers to pregnant mothers through Hope Unlimited, Merryman House & ACTS
…serving our world through support of local, regional & global missions