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Pharisee University: Create Self-righteous Blind Spots

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Date: June 10, 2018

Speaker: Nathan Joyce

Series: Pharisee University

Scripture: Matthew 23:16–23:24

Nathan Joyce explains three spiritual "blind spots" caused by self-righteousness. 

Blind Spot #1 – We become blind to our sin as we look for loopholes (vv. 16-20).

Self-righteousness --> Justify Sin --> Look for Loophole

Christ-righteousness --> Confess Sin --> Land on Grace 

"Too often we mistakenly feel justified by our right opinions instead of right living."

Blind Spot #2 – We become blind to the beauty of God by focusing more on the things of God than God Himself (vv. 21-22).

Blind Spot #3 – We become blind to what matters most as we major on the minors (vv. 23-24).

"Your passion reveals your priorities."