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Loving God - "The Heart of the Matter"

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Date: October 22, 2017

Speaker: Nathan Joyce

Series: Loving God

Scripture: Matthew 6:21–6:21, Matthew 12:35–12:35, Matthew 15:17–15:19

This is the series I’ve personally been waiting for.  What if you’ve been trying to be a Christian but you have missed the most essential element of our faith?  You’ve tried books, conferences, churches, speakers, and a whole host of ways of trying to strengthen your faith or perhaps just to create a spark.  That sounds exhausting.  Religion always tries to transform from the outside in but the gospel of Jesus wants nothing less than a change of heart.  Where your heart goes, your life goes and what you love determines where your heart goes.  Do you have a true love for God?  Without it, Christianity is like paddling a boat with a hole in it.  We’ve got good news.  You can grow in you love for God and we want to show you how.