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Secular Religion: “Morality - How Should I Live?”

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Date: July 23, 2017

Speaker: Nathan Joyce

Series: Secular Religion

Scripture: Romans 2:1–2:11

Bombs are dropped in the culture wars between Christianity and the secular world.  It seems we can hardly agree about anything when it comes to morality.  What the culture says is right the church says is wrong and vice versa.  The culture is dismissed by Christians as mindless hedonists while Christianity is vilified as close minded bigots.   It’s pretty ugly out there.  But, what if we are missing the real issue?  What if there is an issue underneath the surface that is shaping the debate that hardly anyone has noticed?  Today we take a deeper look at morality. 


Today’s Message from Secular Religion:   “Morality-  How Should I Live?” (Romans 2:1-11, 5: 6-9, 20-21, 6:22)