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Secular Religion: What Is It?

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Date: July 6, 2017

Speaker: Nathan Joyce

Series: Secular Religion

Scripture: Acts 17:17–17:34

We are told that our culture is becoming less religious.  But when we examine things more closely, we find that the culture is really just rejecting organized religion.  In its place, the culture has developed its own spirituality that is has become its own religion.  It’s a secular religion made up of a mash-up of least offensive beliefs that cater to our lives.  The problem is that there’s no substance, truth, or power in this religion.  Unfortunately, these widespread spiritual beliefs not only dominate our culture but they are infecting the church.  In this series we will see a clear difference between the faith of the gospel of Jesus and secular religion.  We will also see that the spirituality of our age builds a hunger for Jesus and opportunities for our mission.