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“Know Pain, Know Gain” (Jer. 20)

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Date: June 11, 2017

Speaker: Nathan Joyce

Series: Not If, But When

Scripture: Jeremiah 20:1–20:18

Have we lost our spine?  Have Christians gone soft to the degree that we sell out every time our faith causes us any pain?  Christianity is not a system of pain avoidance.  It is a system of pain redemption.  The crown comes through the cross and that is not only true of Jesus but of our discipleship too.  Today we look at a dark and wounded prophet in Jeremiah. But it isn’t life that has caused him pain.  It’s his calling.  It’s his faith.  Maybe pain isn’t our enemy.  Maybe it’s a necessary part of our faith that we must on one hand learn to embrace and on another hand find ways to tolerate.  In the end we will see that pain was a part of the plan and that God will make something beautiful out of it. 


Today’s message from Not If but When:  “Know Pain, Know Gain” (Jer. 20)