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Last Breath: “Peace with People”

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Date: April 23, 2017

Speaker: Nathan Joyce

Series: Last Breath

Scripture: Luke 23:34–23:34

One topic occupies the minds of those who sense they are about to die more than any other. It’s people. We learn from our last breath that people have always mattered more than anything else even if we have messed up our priorities along the way. Those with the best last breaths are at peace not only with God, but with the people in their lives. That is easier said than done. People are sinful and hurt each other often. We tend to wound each other. The gospel has us covered in that it doesn’t stop after making peace between us and God. It keeps working so that we can have peace with the people in our lives. Today we will show you how.


Today’s Message from Last Breath: “Peace with People” (Luke 23:34)