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Passion 2013

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The Jesus Generation United For His Fame

At the heart of it all, Passion exists to see a generation stake their lives on what matters most. For us, that's the fame of the One who rescues and restores, and the privilege we have to fully leverage our lives by amplifying His name in everything we do. Last year, our US gathering drew more than 40,000 students and leaders from around the world to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. We were blown away by God's presence. Shattered and rebuilt by His Word. Challenged to the core. Repaired. Wrapped in love. Awakened to raise our voices for those who have no voice. In January 2013, we are returning to The Dome. Honestly, we want to see the place filled. Not for the sake of numbers, but as a symbol of a new generation...a new wave of Jesus followers who are trading in small dreams for a place in the story God is writing around the globe. Passion is more than a conference. More than an event. More than a feeling. Passion is you and me saying goodbye to lesser things and saying yes to the One whose name is above every name. Come join us at The Dome. Take your place. Raise your voice. Represent. See you in Atlanta!

To College Students and High School Seniors,

Sign up are underway for Passion 2013! If you would like to attend contact Glenn at or call Heartland Worship Center at 270-534-1400. There are limited spots available so first come first serve. The cost for the trip will be $250 with a $50 deposit due by October 14th. The cost covers transportation, Passion admittance and hotel accommodations. Each person will be responsible for their own meals.