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Heartland Connect: Connecting exceptional individuals to the exceptional God

Heartland connect will seek to minister to families and individuals with special needs thought our Buddy program. For students who need to be in a classroom of peers, the buddy will be there to lend a helping hand and ensure that individual needs are met. For those would thrive better in a different atmosphere, we will have a class specifically for special needs children and another for special needs youth and adults.



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StatementHeartland Connect purposes to break down barriers that keep individuals with disabilities and their families from being able to participate in the community of the church.

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 Heartland Connect Goals

-To show families of those with special needs that we believe that each individual is a unique creation of God.

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 -To reach out to the community and provide a safe and loving environment where individuals with special needs can worship God and learn about Jesus.

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 -To nurture each individual’s skills and abilities while learning about the Christian faith

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 -To provide an opportunity for individuals with special needs to learn about God’s love in a way that is accessible to them.

Participant Registration Form

Complete the above linked form and contact the church office to arrange a family meeting prior to your first Sunday



 Volunteer Information

For more information contact the Children's Ministry Offices