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Congregational Network for Healthcare

What is CNH?
The Congregational Network for Healthcare*

What is the purpose of the program?
It connects members of our congregation with a Nurse Navigator and the Pastoral Ministry Team at Heartland, to provide continuity of care both during and after a hospital stay.

How and when may I enroll?
The next sign-up dates are February 19 and 26, before and after each service in the church foyer. Visit the Members Services Desk for a complete list of benefits information on CNH; or, you may contact the church office at 270.534.1400.

Is there a cost for enrollment?
There is no cost, and the program complies with all confidentiality and privacy regulations.

*By enrolling, you are not limited to Baptist-Health for admissions, but you will only receive the benefits of the CNH program if admitted to Baptist-Health.