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28 Days Devotions

28 Days 2

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June 16th - Matthew 28

The disciples must have been shaken by the events of the cross. Their lives were turned upside down. Their own lives were in jeopardy because they are so closely associated with this executed criminal. Their hearts were full of grief because they just lost their friend. Their hope had been shattered because their movement just seemed to end. The three days after the death of Jesus were anything but restful.
However, everything changed when they encountered the risen Christ. All of their fear was vanquished, and it turned into the kind of bold courage that we see in Peter when he preaches at Pentecost. All of their sorrow turned to joy. The world was completely different now that they had seen the risen Christ.
We rest in the resurrection. We rest in its joy. We rest in its ability to give assurance no matter our current circumstances. We rest in the fact that resurrection is the final word that gives the final rest. No matter where you are at, if you believe in Christ, this is where you are headed. He is alive! He is alive and everything is made right. So rest. Let your bodies rest. Let your hearts rest. Let your minds rest. Let your ego rest. Let your regret rest. Let your need to be accepted rest. Let your worry rest. Let your loneliness rest. Let your fear rest. Rest upon Christ, for He is alive!